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Epoxy & Polyspartic Floors

Seamless, Artistic, and Astonishing!  Resin coating have come a long way over the years and our product consists of 100% solids, no VOC's, and cures rock hard to over 12,000 psi.  These floors are impermeable to water & salts, chemical resistant, scratch resistant, elegant and durable.

​There are several application products to choose from: Reflector Enhanced Epoxy gives a mottled color variations similar to a marble floor which are guaranteed to please!  Our Blended Color Flake system which work great for garages and hiding stains.

A basic solid color or transparent epoxy floors have spectacular shine and luster.  Used in some applications, a more advanced hybrid resin known as Polyspartic has better scratch resistance and UV protection. 


Resin coatings can be used in: basements, garages, kitchens, living spaces, or many commercial/industrial applications like hospitals, airport hangers, wharehouses, restaurants, and/or retail outlets.


Easy to clean, smooth like glass, and practically stain proof makes this application an excellent choice!


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