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Many things can be detrimental to a concrete surface such as harsh de-icing salts, moisture from freeze/thaw cycles, discoloration from UV rays, vehicle oil stains, etc.


If you want your concrete to last a long time and stay protected, then it is recommended to have concrete sealed every 2 years.  Just like you would keep up on your landscaping maintenance, it is important to not neglect wash and re-sealing your concrete.


Some sealers on the market have only 5% acrylic solids (cure & seal) which have little to no protection.  Our sealer is commercial-grade and has maximum protection with about 35% solids to solvent ratio. 


For interior concrete surfaces, we offer a both clear epoxy sealer or water based acrylic sealer which has no VOC's and excellent protection.


Waterproof coatings such as Xypex and plastering are also services we have available.

Concrete Sealing & Waterproofing

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