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Concrete is one of the strongest materials used in construction today but there many things that can go wrong from a bad batch mix at the ready-mix plant, or through the placement & finishing process, and/or environmental factors.


Our company was founded on concrete repair & restoration.  There is no problem that we have encountered and have not be able to fix.  Our scope of work has included crack injection treatments, scaling or spalling issues, exposed rebar & deterioration, white efflorecence, patching cold joints, parding air pockets on walls, washed out slabs, freeze/thaw damage, "crazing" crack issues, "honey-comb" pockets from undervibration, water pooling issues, bad finishing, sealer problems, etc.


We have the specialized tools for scarifying, chipping, grinding, and/or removal for concrete repair preparation. Our extensive knowledge of repair mortars & materials will ensure the right product is used for remediation.


Some major repair projects we have serviced include: concrete bridges, hydro-dams, hospitals, high-rise apartments & offices, malls, road barriers, wharehouses, restaurants, resorts,  public facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and hotels just to name a few.




Commercial & Residential Concrete Repair

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