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Bring your concrete to life with some color!  Just as you can stain bare wood to give it a luxious look, the same can be done with dull gray concrete.  Color staining gives rich, deep tones which naturally variates slightly between darker and lighter shades of color called "mottling". 


Unlike regular paint that will peel off the surface, our acid stain reacts with the lime in concrete to form a permenant color change.  Mainly consisting of earth-tones , there are quite a few choices available to suit your taste.  Water-based & polymer stains are also available to give you a broader spectrum of color pallete.


If your concrete surface is in good condition, then this option is a relatively inexpensive way to get vibrant results.  Even minor cracks add character to the appearance of a color stained surface.


Since no two stained surfaces look exactly alike and with countless pattern & designs, its no surprise color staining is growing in popularity.


Color Staining

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